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Short Sale Services and its subsidiaries is in the business of working with real estate

agents to effectively market to distressed homeowners; to help them find more peace in

their lives and to help bring more closings to the agent’s business.

We are acutely aware that homeowners facing foreclosure are likely in the darkest days

of their lives. Regardless of who is at fault, or what circumstances have come together

to cause the situation, it is often heartbreaking to hear their stories; to have them want to

stay in their home, when they know that it is truly not in their financial best interest.

Our marketing efforts are intended to gain their attention, amongst all of the noise

swirling around them, and provide a way out that is better for their financial future than a


We have spent many years listening to others, testing our message, meeting with

homeowners in distress, and carefully gauging what works and what does not work.  On average realtors who follow the program exactly have been getting a listing from  1 out 20 contact they reached out to. 

This free packet contains our best practices and tips for getting the attention of those in

distress, guiding them to qualified professional help and helping them discover for

themselves that it is in their best interest to sell the home that they can no longer afford

to live in.

This is the overarching goal of our organization and we look forward to working

with you to see many successes!

If you would like a free copy of this marketing please reach out to us and we will be happy to send you the step by step marketing campaign.

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